Monday, 7 April 2014

Exit Rate Vs Bounce Rate in SEO

Here we can discuss and find the prediction about exit rate and bounce rate. Why both plays important role in SEO.

What is Exit Rate?

The exit rate is calculated based on when the viewer away from your page of site. The percentage of site exits that occurred form particular page or overall pages 

Exit Rate =       Number of exits
                              Total Page views

Bounce rate
The bounce rate is calculated based on when the viewer start to visiting your site and leave with single page visits  

Bounce rate =            Total number of visitors or viewers viewing single page only in your website
                                                              Total entries of your website 

Major Difference between Bounce Rate & Exit Rate?

There are 3 things you should keep in mind for finding the exit rate and bounce rate for your particular pages in your website.
To know more difference between exit and bounce rates for a single or particular page in your website, you should keep in mind 3 things:
For all page views to the page, the exit rate is the percentages that were the last in the session.
For all sessions that start with the page, bounce rate is the percentage that was the only one of the session.
The bounce rate calculation for a page is based only on visits that start with that page.”

 Calculating Exit Rate is Important for your Website?

If you are searching to convert more visitors or viewers in buyers, you need to know how they navigate or visiting your website.  After that you can use exit percentage to help you point out the areas on your website in which visitors or viewers leave, before converting.

Must Watch Average Bounce Rate Different type of Web Pages

Landing Page(Website landing page)
ECommerce Sites (Flipkart)
Web Portals (job portals, news portals)
Business and Services Websites
Content Websites (Blogs, News websites, etc.)

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